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'Shoes are like Men' review: A humorous look into modern dating
Saturday, March 18, 2017, 2:08 PM

"Shos are like Men" by Kim Interdonato.


Cheap dates, no sexual chemistry, and ghosting can all give women a sense of hopelessness — or at least make for an amusing story to share with friends.

As a talented ice-skating and hockey coach living on Long Island, Kim Interdonato knows the importance of getting up every time you fall down, and most importantly — what to do when the shoe doesn’t fit.

In “Shoes are like Men” Interdonato dives into memorable experiences — both good and bad — that she’s acquired from her 30 years of dating.

Interdonato uses shoes as an analogy to describe her dating experience. The hot shoe, sporty shoe, shoe that doesn’t accessorize with your outfits — the shoes go on

Interdonato’s 42-page book should resonate with women of all ages as she brings comic relief to what once was a frustrating time. The process of choosing whether to go on a date with someone perfectly mirrors shopping for shoes.

“It’s about learning to accept what is and being able to realize you can’t change it,” Interdonato says. “Writing this book felt like an intervention "

Dating sometimes made Interdonato feel like a detective: “It’s a mystery of sorts to decipher who is genuine and who is handing you a plate full of bull dung.”


The chapter about online dating inspired the most laughs, as Interdonato describes one man who brought dirty laundry to her house on the first date. There’s also the typical men who look nothing like their dating profile photos.

“It’s hard to cover up that look of shock when seeing a man that looks like a retired version of his online photo,” she writes.

Just like shoes, men aren’t as they seem.

Dating brings many uncertainties — but it’s a learning experience. If readers ever wonder how they could’ve been so foolish or blind — these stories will put them at ease and let them know they’re not alone. Better yet, the book could help readers keep their chins up when dealing with breakups in the future.